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The Hand-off

Likewise, successful long-term recovery is dependent on the next level of care in a continuum. Our sector needs to improve upon our hand-offs. A sober living facility must be consistent in philosophy with a residential treatment center so that we are building upon clinical work and not undoing it.

– Doug Tieman
President and CEO, Caron Treatment Centers


At the Lighthouse, we embrace this transition between a residential treatment center and a sober living facility through every facet of our programs. We take an evidence-based approach to recovery, building on your inpatient treatment treatment experience, to carefully craft a personalized plan for your recovery journey.

Our professionally trained recovery coaches work one-on-one with you as well as integrating and coordinating with your clinical support team. This includes your doctors, therapists, and intensive outpatient programs. We also incorporate the Soberlink alcohol monitoring system into our programs as a method of accountability. Soberlink is one of the most innovative solutions for remote real-time monitoring. With this substantive information on hand, we will explore multiple pathways to recovery such as AA, S.M.A.R.T Recovery, LifeRing, and more. Our goal is to always meet you exactly where you are in your recovery journey, building on the investment you have already made.

The road to recovery requires support, especially during the first year.  The Lighthouse is able to provide this via our continuum of support services; our Recovery 365 Program, Phases I and II, provide the support you require to not only manage your recovery, but grow your wellness and connectivity in all areas of daily life. Our recovery coaching program is available to residents of our sober living homes, as well as individuals exploring recovery from their own homes. With Recovery 365, you receive daily check ins with a recovery coach professional in addition to face- to- face meetings throughout the week. We help you navigate the transition from treatment to living your recovery in your day-to-day life.

Our Recovery 365 program and our coordination with your clinical team help to ensure that we reinforce the work done by your residential treatment center during your stay at the Lighthouse. At both our Men’s and Women’s sober living homes, you will experience luxury accommodations including chef-prepared cuisine, beautiful decor, and private suites. Our high-end living and office spaces provide the comfort to which you’re accustomed.  This distraction-free environment helps allow for a seamless transition to Recover, Restore, and Rebuild.  

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