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Family Coaching Services


At The Lighthouse, we recognize that families and loved ones of those struggling with substance use disorders experience their own range of emotions and difficulties. These are often accompanied by a profound sense of loss—the loss of something they had imagined for themselves or their loved one. Family coaching can help family members and loved ones process what they have experienced, grow their own wellness and begin to heal. This shared experience is an opportunity to heal individual family members as well as strengthen relationships within the family unit. It allows your loved one to focus on their recovery while family members and loved ones focus on theirs.

When a loved one is stepping into recovery from a substance use disorder, family coaching has proven to be instrumental in helping to sustain successful recovery. Family members learn how to support and communicate better while ensuring that they are also taking care of themselves.

Level I Family Coaching Services

Every family that has a loved one engaged in Lighthouse services is offered a weekly session with a trained Family Coach at no additional charge. We recognize the importance of healing and supporting the family members alongside the loved one who is in recovery, and now invite them to meet with a Family Coach once a week via Zoom to focus on their wellness.

Level II Family Coaching Services

The Lighthouse offers Individualized Family Coaching to families that would like more in-depth services to support their wellness, whether or not their loved one is seeking recovery support. This includes meeting twice a week with a Family Coach, along with regular daily check-ins.

Participants in both levels of Family Coaching Services are invited to attend a weekly virtual family and loved ones support group held on Tuesday evenings. This is a space where you can speak and be heard, and where you can listen and relate. You will find that you are not alone.

All of our Family Coaches have been trained by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and the Center for Motivation & Change (CMC). CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy has become one of the most sought after training programs for recovery coaches, and CMC is a leader in the field when it comes to helping families heal.

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