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Monitoring works in the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

In 2020 Lighthouse & Recovery 365 clients performed 18,315 Soberlink tests.

The Lighthouse believes in modeling our program on the most successful programs known for helping clients recover from Alcohol Use Disorder. The most successful programs include the HIMS program (for commercial airline pilots), the medical professionals monitoring programs in each state, and the lawyers monitoring programs, also in each state. The common thread to all of these programs is that their participants do long-term monitoring (three to five years). The HIMS program reports a close to 90% recovery rate at the five-year mark.

Nobody else even comes close. Why don’t we all do it this way? We believe this is a crucial aspect of how long-term recovery is built.

It’s not hard. Doing a Soberlink test takes 30 seconds. Our clients usually test three times per day. So, spending 90 seconds a day dramatically increases their chances of maintaining their sobriety another day.

Do you know who else benefits from all of this monitoring? The families and employers. At The Lighthouse, we assume the responsibility of Soberlink monitoring. We have heard over and over from the families of our clients how grateful they are that they no longer have to worry about or police their loved one. With monitoring in place, it’s (much) easier to sleep at night.

A Soberlink test takes 30 seconds. Nothing could be easier or more effective in promoting long-term sobriety.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use disorder, call us to discuss our Recovery 365 Program, including Soberlink Monitoring.

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