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Recovery can be fraught with many moment-to-moment, real life challenges: transitioning to a new home, new job, relationship status, embarking on first business trip, first vacation, first celebration of holidays or an anniversary of a loss. Each milestone in recovery provides a unique opportunity for growth and often requires extra support.

Our Recovery Companions are here to do just that. Clients can engage one of our companions from several hours to several months. As a recovery companion, we work with individuals to achieve attainable goals, helping clients to feel a new sense of security freedom and empowerment as they recover their lives.

When to consider a Recovery Companion:
  • Transitioning out of residential treatment
  • Unable to participate in a residential program due to work or personal responsibilities
  • Temporarily traveling and away from their usual support system
  • In an unstable stage of life like a career shift or location change
  • Attending an event with known triggers
  • Participating in other treatment during the day (e.g., intensive outpatient programming, therapy, etc.) but could benefit from more support at other times of day
Our Recovery Companions:
  • Are experienced, discrete and professionally trained men and women in recovery.
  • Are passionate about recovery.
  • Are knowledgeable about multiple pathways to recovery.
  • Are knowledgeable about community support groups.
  • Will assist you through life transitions.
  • Will assist you in achieving daily goals for recovery, nutrition, exercise and spirituality.
  • Will assist you in adhering to a daily schedule.
  • Will assist client in finding and connecting with community support groups.
  • Will model healthy, productive and sustainable wellness skills.
  • Are able to support you as a companion for one outing, one day, one week or several months.
  • Are able to travel with you locally, domestically or internationally.
For more information about The Lighthouse Recovery 365 coaching services please contact:
Executive Director Recovery 365

Confidential Email: [email protected]

Confidential Phone: 203-246-2798
The Lighthouse Recovery 365
PO Box 816
New Canaan, CT 06840

All inquiries and services are handled with complete confidentiality.

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