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Consultation Services

Our team at The Lighthouse helps to evaluate needs through our consultation services and lends support to navigate the most effective treatment plan for their particular circumstance.

Our trained professionals offer both in-person and remote treatment consultations. Families or other support system members will always be able to participate in the process.

Our goal is to have clients leave the consultation with no questions unanswered. We take the time to hear out any questions or concerns while also gathering information to help them succeed in their journeys. Information we gather during a treatment consultation includes:

  • Desired outcomes for the client and family members
  • History of symptoms and behaviors
  • Previous treatment
  • Current risk issues

Treatment Placement Consultations

We stay up to date by visiting various treatment centers across the country and expanding our professional network. Our extensively trained professionals take the burden off your shoulders through matching clients with high quality programs worldwide.

Multidisciplinary Team Consultations

We partner with you and your existing teams for support with substance misuse, behavioral health issues or personal concerns. If at any time you seek advice for multiple professionals, we can provide a customized, multidisciplinary team to create a comprehensive plan.

Schedule Your Treatment Consultation Today

Give us a call today at +1 (203) 664-8246 to get started on matching you or your loved one with the right treatment.

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