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Intervention Services

Intervention Services

Intervention can be the beginning of a family’s recovery journey. This journey is marked by compassion, hope and love. We help individuals and loved ones identify challenges and unhealthy behaviors while coordinating a safe solution.

Intervention can also be the first step in the stabilization and recovery process. This process honors the individual and loved ones. It promotes the idea that every member of the family system is important to the healing process and should be part of the recovery team.

Our trained professionals facilitate intervention services tailored to a family’s needs. We complete a thorough assessment process, which takes into consideration historical background, family dynamics and previous treatment. We then formulate a recovery plan.

We offer both in-person and virtual assessments for individuals, families, or other support system members. Our process solidifies a comprehensive recovery team, neutralizes the situation, and creates a customized plan of action.

Our Continuum of Care Addresses:

  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Compulsive Behaviors

Sample Intervention Process


  • Gathering background from relevant parties
  • Identification of appropriate participants
  • Determination of the type of intervention or facilitated meeting that will best match the situation


  • Discussions with family members, employers, and/or advisors
  • Determine appropriate boundaries to be implemented if the client refuses help
  • Selection of residential or outpatient services to be offered
  • Guidance and review of intervention letter, if appropriate
  • Coordination of admission logistics


  • Intervention rehearsal
  • Facilitation of the intervention
  • Follow-up support with individual and all parties

Recovery Services

  • Creation of a longer-term care plan
  • Possible assignments include: case manager, family coach, individual coach, sober living facility, and/or an intensive outpatient program (“IOP”).

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