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The Lighthouse is pleased to announce the appointment of Hugh Carey to its board of directors. With extensive experience leading and advising companies across the healthcare industry, Hugh brings valuable experiential counsel to The Lighthouse Board that contributes to the objective of setting the standard in premier recovery services. “We are excited to welcome Hugh Carey to The Lighthouse Board of Directors. His extensive professional experience in a career dedicated to advising or leading healthcare companies—and behavioral health companies, in particular—lends

Today The Lighthouse is proud to announce the expansion of our Family Coaching Services. Every family that has a loved one engaged in Lighthouse services will be offered a weekly session with a trained Family Recovery Coach. We will continue to offer our Individualized Family Coaching Services to families that would like more in-depth services to support their wellness, whether or not their loved one is seeking recovery support. Our Family Recovery Coaches are CCAR and CMC trained and can help

I was not one of those people who had their first sip of alcohol and thought, “Where have you been all my life!”. My transformation–from a woman who drank wine to have fun, enhance the moment, relax, and take the edge off, to a woman who drank warm vodka alone behind closed doors–happened slowly over time. I do not remember exactly when alcohol captured me–it was a hostile takeover that I did not see coming and had no defenses against. My

We are honored to announce that Cini Shaw, Chief Recovery Officer for Lighthouse Recovery Services, has been named Addiction Professional of the Year by preeminent addiction treatment provider Caron Treatment Centers. The Caron New York Community Service Awards recognize individuals, organizations and institutions that have made an outstanding contribution in the ongoing battle against alcohol and drug addiction. Cini joined the Lighthouse in 2019, and her model of leadership with love and hope continues to have a profound impact on our

There's a good chance you know someone recovering from substance use disorder (SUD), whether from drugs or alcohol. Either way, they could benefit from your support. Maybe they're your best friend or a close sibling, or it might be someone you don't know! Over 20 million Americans succumbed to a substance use disorder in 2019 alone, based on a nationwide survey. Aside from that, data from last year showed that only around 1/10th of people with SUD got the treatment they

The shift in my relationship with alcohol did not happen overnight. It was a slow, insidious slide into unwellness that I should have seen coming given my genetic background, family history and fears of abandonment. But I did not.   Alcohol was my solution, no, it had more power than that; I thought it was my friend. I celebrated with it, grieved with it, hid with it, I counted on it. It was my most secret relationship, my lover, an affair. I

Although they’re both qualifications for finance professionals and the preparation required for each certification is similar, the knowledge base is slightly different. For example, the CFA exam covers topics like economics, financial analysis, and corporate finance, whereas the CFP exam covers topics like risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning. As chartered members proceed further in their careers, it's apparent from the job type and industry experience breakdowns that the CFA salary in India continues to pay dividends. The more

I’ve always been a big fan of the NFL (my team shall remain nameless as they haven’t won a title in my lifetime) and I especially love watching the playoffs and the Super Bowl each year. Before I stopped drinking, these playoff weekends would be a blur. I would typically get together with as large a group as possible (Casinos made for a great venue) and drink, do drugs, gamble, and eat with reckless abandon. I think the typical depressive feelings

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