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Recovery 365: Road To Successful Recovery Journey in CT

There’s a good chance you know someone recovering from substance use disorder (SUD), whether from drugs or alcohol. Either way, they could benefit from your support. Maybe they’re your best friend or a close sibling, or it might be someone you don’t know! Over 20 million Americans succumbed to a substance use disorder in 2019 alone, based on a nationwide survey.

Aside from that, data from last year showed that only around 1/10th of people with SUD got the treatment they severely needed. Alcohol or drug dependency can destroy a person’s health and mind, preventing them from living the life they want and deserve. Luckily, with continual treatment and compassionate support, it’s possible to recover from any addiction, no matter how severe, and get back on track with life.

We at the Lighthouse understand the complexity of the recovery process and know that every client has different needs. To help our clients succeed in their recovery journey, The Lighthouse offers a comprehensive recovery program, “Recovery 365”.

What is Recovery 365?

Lighthouse’s Recovery 365 program provides a top-of-the-line recovery program in Connecticut, including the towns of Darien, Weston, Westport, Pound Ridge, and Fairfield. We offer coaching services for women, men, and families across all recovery stages. Our team consists of highly-trained and experienced professional coaches. They will partner with you and your loved ones to grow wellness tools, create a support community, and provide assistance and encouragement as needed – all to help you live a fulfilling life in recovery.

A flexible Approach to Recovery

Our program is customizable to meet each client’s unique needs and where they’re in their recovery journey in Connecticut. We understand that there are several pathways to recovery, and we strive to help each person find theirs throughout this process.

We Build Personal Relationships

Our clients (recoverees or family members) are the most significant resource in determining this course. Together we will find your recovery capital, including internal and external recovery sources, to create the perfect wellness or recovery plan encompassing your unique short- and long-term goals. And these will be actioned by you alongside support at a comfortable pace, meeting your needs – building your confidence and sense of empowerment over time.

Recovery At Your Convenience

Furthermore, all clients of Lighthouse Recovery 365 are welcome, but not required, to participate in any of the groups held at the New Canaan Lighthouse Recovery homes.  Also, all Lighthouse Recovery 365 coaching clients will have family support for their loved ones through our recovery coaching and recovery companionship services.

Creating Positive Connections

Making a recovery network within the client’s community is a powerful tool for maintaining their wellness. Lighthouse’s Recovery 365 has strong ties throughout Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. We assist our clients in establishing and expanding connections within their respective areas where they’ll live their recovery.

Wherever our clients are on this journey, we’ll have a trained and experienced recovery coach ready to facilitate their journey.

Recovery Capital: Its Role in Sustaining Recovery

Robert Granfield and William cloud are the minds behind Recovery Capital, defined as the volume of external and internal assets brought to bear to initiate and keep recovery from alcohol and drug issues.

Dr. John Kelly, a Psychiatry Professor at Harvard Medical School, is the first endowed professor of addiction medicine at the school and is the founder and director of the Recovery Research Institute. His longitudinal research backs the concept that there’s a reciprocal relationship between remission from addiction and recovery capital growth.

As we increase the recovery capital, we skyrocket the chances of sustained remission. And this, in turn, helps maintain recovery long-term, reducing the risks of relapsing by improving a person’s personal, family, social, communal, and cultural support system.

Our recovery coaches give all clients a chance to finish a recovery capital scale, illuminating the internal and external assets they can cultivate to grow wellness tools and eliminate recovery barriers. It serves as the foundation for establishing short- or long-term recovery goals and creating a solid recovery wellness plan. We prioritize self-directed growing recovery based on each client’s strengths, empowering them to strive for a hopeful and recovery-focused journey.

The Lighthouse’s Recovery 365 Process

Our Recovery 365 program has been successful for many years now, thanks to its core elements: incorporating the use of recovery capital, our recovery companions, recovery coaches, and our daily sobriety monitoring and UA testing. 

Our Recovery Companions

Our exclusive Recovery Companions or family Recovery Support group are here to listen and be with you, whether for several hours or months. As recovery companions, we work with people to help them achieve attainable goals, helping them feel a new sense of security, freedom, and empowerment as they go through their recovery journey.

Each of our recovery companions is:

  • Experienced, discrete, and trained individual in recovery.
  • Passionate about complete healing.
  • Knowledgeable about several pathways to recovery and community support groups.
  • Ready to assist through life transitions and achieve daily goals for recovery.
  • Eager to help you stick with your daily schedule and find and connect with local community support groups.
  • Happy to model productive and sustainable wellness skills.
  • Willing to support you as a companion for outings.

When Should You Consider a Recovery Companion?

A recovery companion is ideal if you or someone you know has previously undergone an addiction treatment program and relapsed. They’ll be able to help you stick with the program and stay healthy in recovery. These individuals will work with clients in implementing daily practices to prevent relapse, helping them live efficiently in recovery and make better choices and actions that’ll improve self-esteem and wellness routines.

Although Recovery Companions work with clients in active recovery or those who’ve relapsed, our ample experience showcases that hiring one before the issues that appear after discharge will improve the chance of long-term recovery. A Recovery Companion helps with post-treatment problems by guiding clients to make healthier choices and habituating the best actions, building self-esteem.

We match all Recovery Companions to clients and their unique needs. And that often means we will pick someone for a client of the same age range with similar socio-economic backgrounds and interests. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your preferences and determine if a Recovery Companion is suitable for you or someone you know.

Our Recovery Coaches

Our recovery coaches provide professional support during the earlier stages of recovery, designed for those who don’t need 24/7 companionship. They’ll help individuals one-on-one in adjusting to a healthier lifestyle that’s fulfilling and free of addiction with a custom and collaborative recovery care plan accomplishable online, by phone, or onsite. The session frequency depends on your needs.

Specifically, our recovery coaches will help find and address potential complications during early recovery and help individuals set and follow short- or long-term recovery goals, supporting sustainable success. They’ll do this via mentoring, relationship building, problem-solving, education, and finding sources and activities promoting health and well-being.

Our Recovery Coaching Services Include:

Our recovery coaches offer ongoing professional training opportunities, supporting our clients and their needs.

  • Personalized recovery coaching for everyone.
  • Discrete and judgment-free support.
  • Coaching tailored to the client’s specific interests and recovery experience.
  • Conducting face-to-face meetings twice a week with the coach, following the most convenient time for the client.
  • 24/7 contact with the recovery coach via call or text.
  • Continual appraisal of the client’s recovery capital.
  • Making personalized recovery plans.
  • Establishing short- and long-term recovery goals.
  • Introducing the client to their local recovery community.
  • Exploring several pathways to recovery.
  • Integrating and arranging a client’s support team, including doctors, therapists, etc.
  • Daily accountability with sober link testing.
Daily Alcohol Monitoring and UA Testing

Lighthouse’s Recovery 365 program uses the Soberlink alcohol monitoring system to provide convenient real-time solutions for remote alcohol monitoring. It combines a classic breathalyzer with a cloud-based web portal. Aside from that, it uses facial recognition to confirm identities and is complete with tamper-resistant sensors to avoid inaccurate results. And completing all these is automation, creating seamless monitoring solutions.

It’s so efficient and convenient that Soberlink gained FDA’s 510(k) clearances for medical use in 2016. Since then, it’s become the most trusted alcohol monitoring solution for substance use treatment, criminal justice, family, and workplace compliance.

Additionally, Lighthouse Recovery coaching clients can maintain accountability through daily UA testing. 

The Takeaway

The lighthouse recovery coaching product, Recovery 365, is the best recovery program in Connecticut. This program strives to provide clients struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues a steady pathway to recovery, restoring, and rebuilding their lives, wherever they may be in their healing journey. We are the premiere provider providing discreet concierge services, including case management, recovery coaching, transport, sober living, and companionship to everyone in the tri-state area.

We provide recovery support and consultation services right at your doorstep and community or ours. We’re uniquely positioned to do this as our comprehensive services provide all clients compassion and unyielding support paired with confidential services to meet their unique needs. And we offer support for all individuals or families throughout the whole continuum of their recovery journey.

Ready to start your recovery with us? Contact us today to start your journey to a successful recovery!

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