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The Lighthouse – Your Trusted Connecticut Recovery Programs Provider

The Lighthouse – Your Trusted Connecticut Recovery Programs Provider

Here at The Lighthouse, we provide recovery tools and techniques that help individuals and their families regain peace in their lives by way of sobriety.  Our specialized recovery programs provide individuals here in Connecticut with effective substance use or mental health disorders solutions.  We strive to help our Connecticut patients develop coping skills that contribute to their renewed life and assist with the prevention of suffering a relapse in the future.    

Our dedicated team here at The Lighthouse wants to ensure that individuals and their families have all the information they need to not only work through any challenges that arise but also to help rebuild their family unit.  We provide individual, family, and group counseling services in a friendly healing environment that allows our clients to build a new support team as they work through recovery together.  Whether a sister, brother, mom, dad, or friend, here at The Lighthouse we recommend our quality services to anyone who wants to add to the positive life changes we seek to provide through substance use or mental health disorder recovery. 

Addiction Recovery Tools Designed Just for You

Our Connecticut patients can choose an addiction recovery program that best suits their individual needs.  With a variety of services to choose from, the team here at The Lighthouse stands ready to meet your every need.  Our unique services are directed to those who suffer from substance use or mental health disorders and are designed to help individuals succeed through the many challenges and struggles of recovery.  Here are some of the recovery options we provide:

  • Men and Women Residences – Our residences for both men and women provide a special home-like environment, complete with amenities and program support individuals needed to attain their recovery goals and sustain them moving forward.  Our clients receive the highest level of personalized care and treatment while enjoying beautiful, luxurious furnishings and surroundings that contribute to patient wellness and overall recovery. 
  • Coaching – Our Lighthouse Recovery 365 program offers the highest level of coaching throughout every stage of the recovery process to not only clients but to their families as well.   Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals works right alongside clients and their families to develop a unique support community, enhance wellness tools, and provide needed assistance and all the encouragement needed to enjoy a life filled with happiness when in a recovery phase.  We strive to meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients and understand that with so many diverse roads to recovery our goal must be to help individuals find the right path to recovery from the very start of the recovery process to its end. 
  • Recovery Companionship and Transport – Here at The Lighthouse our friendly, dedicated Recovery Companions are on hand to support our Connecticut clients whether for hours, days, or months.  Our companions are steadfast in their commitment to helping clients attain their goals and to experience and enjoy all the new freedoms, securities and confidence offered them as they journey through their recovery.  Whether you are transitioning from a residential treatment here at our Connecticut center, are distanced from your regular support team, are experiencing life-changing events, or are just in need of additional support outside of a day program you may be participating in, we are the team for you.  Our skilled companions are every bit as passionate about your recovery as you and your family are.  They possess all the knowledge and expertise needed to help you along your journey, providing needed support, assistance with transitions and community guidance as well as the sustainability of wellness skills, and are even available to travel with you both locally and internationally as needed.  

The Team Here at The Lighthouse Can Help

Here at The Lighthouse, we don’t want you to simply settle for a struggling life that presents challenges far beyond your own control.  Rather, we want individuals to recognize that a recovery is always an option when you choose a program that suits your individual needs.  All patients play a significant role in their own recovery whether suffering from substance use or mental health disorders.  Comprehensive treatment options are an important part of your recovery process which is why we encourage people to look to the professionals here at The Lighthouse who can create and design a customized treatment plan coupled with appropriate therapies and a number of other options to assist with your recovery. 

The Professionals You Can Trust

Here at The Lighthouse, our team of specialists is happy to witness our many Connecticut clients become free of their substance use or mental health disorders and gain needed confidence in the simple fact that they can enjoy living a sober and happy life once they leave our recovery facility.  We strive to help clients regain focus on their long-time dreams and to help them create and design productive life plans that will benefit them as they move forward.  We want our clients here in Connecticut to leave the darkness of their yesterdays well behind them and look to their brightened tomorrows.   


Though individuals and their families, throughout the recovery program, perform the hardest work and the most challenging of tasks, our team here at The Lighthouse ensures every patient that they are not and never will be alone.  Our therapists and specialists work together to create a structured and friendly environment that presents all the resources and help our clients need.  Whether group therapy meetings or one on one sessions with our staff, our caring staff is here to meet all your personal needs. We take pride in helping every patient determine the best treatment options that can lead them on their journey to recovery and freedom. 


We present our clients with important life skills here at our Connecticut facility while helping them to find and develop new personal interests that will contribute greatly to their successful road to recovery.  Our team is also on hand at all times to answer all your questions, discuss any concerns and offer all the insight and guidance needed to safely transition to your new life of recovery outside of our facility. 


If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use or mental health disorders, then surely you have come to the right place.  Be sure to reach out to our dedicated team here at The Lighthouse in Connecticut to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our highly reputable programs that offer patients all that is needed to enjoy a happy and productive life of sober living.



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