Uncategorized A Commitment to Sober Living Promises and Promotes A Fulfilling Life in Recovery

A Commitment to Sober Living Promises and Promotes A Fulfilling Life in Recovery

The Gifts of Sober Living

Words like gifts and giving are synonymous with the Christmas holiday. If you celebrate the holiday, you begin to feel the cheer and happiness that surrounds the holiday right before Thanksgiving morning.

The excitement on your sibling’s faces, the cheer of shoppers, and the decorations were reminding us of the joy in the air.  Visiting relatives, decorating your home, shopping and wrapping presents, and the anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas morning,

With age, the holiday spirit never entirely leaves.  The holiday spirit changes to gratitude and giving. Reflecting on the year, helping those in need, and striving to bring joy and love in the hearts of others take precedence over what is under the tree for you.

But if drugs or alcohol have taken control of your emotions and lifestyle, it becomes hard to experience the joy of the year. Instead of the celebration of the season, you might encounter a sense of dread and loneliness.

Christmastime can also be a time of stress, loneliness, and fear, especially when in early recovery. The pressures of the holiday season could trigger cravings and obsession to use. The season might cause you to feel regret and grief for your past behaviors and actions.

Irrational thinking causes you to believe you could never get back the warmth and love you felt with your family and friends before your addiction took precedence in your life.

Yes, you might have acted in ways causing family and friends to no longer trust you. You might not be able to travel to be with family creating you to feel grief and regret about your past behaviors. Or maybe your behavior has caused you to be physically impossible to be with family and friends.

Residing in a sober living home such as The Lighthouse in New Canaan, Connecticut, offers you a new life in recovery and disputes your self-doubt and irrational thinking.  

Sober living eases the stress of the holidays.

Now imagine waking up on Christmas morning in an executive sober living home with peers who are working to achieve the same goals as you- to live a life in recovery.  

Close your eyes and think about how beautiful it feels to celebrate the holiday in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. You might not be with your family, but you know their thoughts of the day are not centered on worrying about you, where you are, and if you are safe.

Not being able to wake on Christmas morning with your family might cause some anxiety and stress. Take the time to reflect upon knowing your sober living home offers you emotional support, health, happiness, and healing.  Soon you will be on route to spend the day with your family.

Sober living and a time for reflection

Looking at your recovery and sober life as a gift can reshape the way you feel about the holiday. Take the time and be present to reflect upon the changes you are making in your life. These changes are gifts in and of themselves to those who love and care for you.     

Instead of letting the pain of the past to dampen your holiday spirit reflect upon rebirth and create a plan for change. In an article on LinkedIn, Mark O’Connor of The Lighthouse expresses one gift of recovery for him is being present throughout his daily personal and professional responsibilities.

Living in a sober living home and participating in the recovery community improves the quality of your life. Connecting with sober support, forging healthy relationships, sharing life events, and reshaping your behavior are the gifts a sober living home offers you.

When you choose to accept, engage, and share these gifts of recovery through sober living, you will thrive. The obsession with using drugs and alcohol will diminish.  Your self-esteem will be restored. Your personal and professional life will be rebuilt.

Give yourself the gift of sober living.     

By giving yourself the gift of recovery, you can reshape the way you and your family see this time of year. As we know, addiction doesn’t just destroy individuals. It can tear apart entire families. This year, commit to look forward to experiencing the gifts of recovery for many holidays to come.

Living life in sustained long-term recovery will not only heal you, but the entire family is allowing for future holidays to be enjoyed with happiness and joy.

If you want to give yourself a chance for recovery, make every day special and experience this happiness in your life. If you or a loved one have questions or desire to work with a recovery coach in Connecticut, New York, or Rhode Island, reach out to The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365. Our coaches are committed to helping you thrive in early recovery. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

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