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Sober House, Wilton CT

Sober House – A Luxurious Road to Recovery

Sober living at The Lighthouse in New Canaan, CT, provides residents from Wilton with a breathtaking environment for their substance use and mental health recovery. Surrounded by our compassionate and loving team, you can find the strength and courage to take the necessary steps towards a lifetime of sobriety.

Our goal is to offer our full support and guidance for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The luxurious residential facilities, coupled with the commitment of our skilled and compassionate team of recovery coaches, aid you in achieving your personal wellness goals.

Our recovery coaches and other team members have years of experience, offering a high level of comfort and instilling the confidence to remain committed to defeating the substance use that robbed your safe and enjoyable life. We take tremendous pride in the one-of-a-kind facilities that we provide to help our Wilton residents in their recovery journey.

Sober house Wilton

Trust in the Team here at The Lighthouse

At The Lighthouse, we help Wilton residents transform their lives and deal with the everyday challenges that can threaten their sobriety. We provide both men and women a safe and supportive environment to adopt a new healthy lifestyle and sustain it.

We have top-tier sober living programs designed to help you achieve a sustainable recovery journey and find the happiness you deserve. We facilitate routine recovery check-ups and counseling sessions to ensure your state of sobriety.

‘Home’ is Where the Heart Is

Here at The Lighthouse sober residences, you can experience the positive energy nurtured by our team and other sober living residents along with the surroundings. Our recovery houses have luxurious, home-like amenities to make your sobriety life familiar and comfortable. At The Lighthouse, we address your substance use and mental health disorders to offer a balanced recovery life. Our fine furnishings and amenities, coupled with our dedicated team and effective programs, aid you in finding your unique pathway to success.

To learn more about our sober houses and our options, please contact one of our staff today at 203-635-7840. We take pride in knowing what we offer at our sober homes to help you achieve your personal goals and assist with your substance use and mental health journey.

Homelike sober house Wilton

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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