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Sober House, New Rochelle, NY

The Lighthouse – A Top-Rated Luxury Sober House

The Sober House here at the Lighthouse offers men and women, many between the ages of 30 and 50, effective substance abuse treatment programs, including clinical, holistic, and medical options. Upon arrival, the residents here at our Sober House are assigned their own psychologist, specialist, trainer, and counselor, in addition to several other treatment specialists. Our dedicated team of specialists works alongside each one of our New Rochelle clients while they are residents here at our luxury facility and when they depart and engage in outpatient programs. Here at our Sober House, our compassionate team is steadfast in their commitment to helping each of our New Rochelle clients suffering from substance abuse to achieve their sobriety goals. We are here every step of their long journey and strive to help our clients one day enjoy the experiences life has to offer outside addiction.

We take a great deal of pride in our team’s cutting-edge philosophy at the Lighthouse, designed to help our New Rochelle clients combat their drug or alcohol addiction. The philosophy focuses on the many underlying conditions that drive individuals to become addicted to either alcohol or drugs.

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You Can Always Rely on the Professionals Here at The Lighthouse Sober House

Professionals here at the Lighthouse set the standard high for our treatment programs and as well as our luxury residential settings. The layout and surroundings here at the Sober House are every bit luxurious and breathtaking. Coupled with our dedicated team of friendly and caring specialists, the residents here at our Sober House provide our New Rochelle clients with all the comfort, amenities, and confidence they need.

When patients choose our luxury residences and programs at The Lighthouse, they not only get to enjoy a wide range of amenities but also can embrace peace of mind and comfort. They will receive the support they need by putting their trust and lives into our professional staff’s hands. All of our New Rochelle residents are continuously surrounded by a compassionate and loving team of addiction specialists who strive to help every client through commitment and encouragement to break free from their challenging addictions and, in time, be able to enjoy a much healthier and happier life moving forward.

Men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 come to enjoy the luxury accommodations we offer here at the Sober House and appreciate the commitment and dedication of our team of professionals who stand ready to meet their individual needs.

We Strive to Make Our New Rochelle Clients Feel at Home

The team here at the Sober House prides themselves on the positive surroundings we offer all our clients as they struggle with their addictions and move forward on their journey to sobriety. We understand the importance of making all our clients feel at home to ensure they have the confidence in our team to attain their long-term goals. The positive energy, attitudes, and surroundings we afford our New Rochelle clients set the Sober House here at the Lighthouse apart from others in that they provide clients with a true feeling of home. With that said, we take pride in helping our clients to be able to achieve their goals successfully and, over time, enjoy the many benefits and feelings of happiness that life truly has to offer them. To learn more about Our Sober House or schedule a visit, contact one of our team today at 203-635-7840.

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