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Sober House, Mount Vernon NY

The Lighthouse – An Alcohol Rehab Facility

Here at The Lighthouse, we use a cutting-edge strategy and philosophy to help Mount Vernon’s individuals begin to heal the underlying components that lead to their addiction over time. One of the most important first steps in achieving sobriety is understanding and ultimately healing the underlying conditions that drive individuals to engage in alcohol or drug abuse. Here at our highly reputable alcohol rehab facility, we strive to help each of our patients, who range in ages from 30 to 50, to heal underlying conditions to begin their journey to achieving sobriety down the road.

The team of dedicated specialists here at our Lighthouse alcohol rehab facility takes pride in our effective treatment options that range from clinical and holistic to medical options, all of which are geared toward all our Mount Vernon clients’ personal needs. When young men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 make their way to The Lighthouse, they are assigned a personal psychologist, specialist, trainer, and counselor. Each of their assigned professionals is on hand to assist clients with their on-site care and programs here at the alcohol rehab facility and outpatient care and treatment. Our dedicated team strives to make a difference in the lives of every one of our Mount Vernon patients, men and women alike. We want patients to know and experience the many joys life offers after being treated and cared for by the compassionate team here at The Lighthouse.

Trust in Our Alcohol Rehab Facility and Team

Here at The Lighthouse, our team of specialists has set the standard very high for luxury residential homes and settings we offer here at our top-rated alcohol rehab community. The grounds and layout at the facility are near to majestic, and the layout is magnificent. It is our award-winning team of caring doctors, counselors, therapists, and trainers that account for much of the performance excellence of our programs and alcohol rehab center. Our luxury facility and dedicated professionals provide our Mount Vernon clients with the surroundings and confidence they need to succeed in their quest for sobriety.

Men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 who choose our luxurious residences find that they are equipped with all the amenities you could ask for and are sure to find the peace and comfort they need as they work through combatting their addictions. Our Mount Vernon patients quickly come to realize that by choosing our alcohol rehab facility, they have chosen to put their lives and their trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry. Here at the Lighthouse, we offer luxurious living arrangements, extremely comfortable surroundings, a full lineup of specialized programs and services. We also pride ourselves on the highly skilled and experienced team of compassionate specialists dedicated to the long-term well-being of all our clients. Our team strives to help all of our Mount Vernon patients, both male, and female, successfully attain their sobriety goals while experiencing personal growth and enjoying healthy and happy interactions with all those serving and residing here at the Lighthouse.

Our Home is Your Home

The Mount Vernon men and women who choose our alcohol rehab center come to share in the high level of positivity our professionals and residents display. It is this very positivity that sets the pace for creating a homelike atmosphere for all our clients. Our staff is highly skilled, experienced, warm, caring, compassionate, and steadfast in providing our residents with comfortable and homelike environments that prove beneficial to our residents’ long-term health and well-being. We work alongside our Mount Vernon clients every step of the way to ensure they achieve their ultimate goals for sobriety and, over time, come to live, laugh, and love the lives they are truly blessed with. To learn more about our top-rated alcohol rehab facility here at the Lighthouse, be sure to reach out to one of our staff today at 203-635-7840.

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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