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Sober House, Fairfield CT


The Lighthouse sober houses located in New Canaan, CT, offer innovative and result-driven substance use recovery programs. Our recovery coaches strive to provide substance use Recovery 365 programs to make your sober living experience as effective as possible.

Our team provides residents of Fairfield with expert guidance for their recovery process, which includes a personal recovery coach. Our experienced professionals help you during your residential stay at our sober houses or in the comfort of your homes to ensure you are supported in all aspects of your recovery. Our supportive team here at The Lighthouse is committed to servicing both men and women who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders.  We strive to help you begin and maintain a substance-free life and to experience a supportive sense of community with your peers in recovery and your loved ones.

Our team here at The Lighthouse offers recovery coaching for men, women, and families throughout all stages of their journey. We are committed to working with you at all stages of your recovery.

Sober house recovery Fairfield

Trust in the Team here at The Lighthouse Sober House

Here at The Lighthouse, we have comprehensive care for all our clients from Fairfield to provide a better sober living environment. Our luxurious residential homa along with highly skilled professionals, facilitate a safe setting focused on recovery. The location is serene and private, top-rated, and highly suitable to live life in recovery.

The Lighthouse offers residents a variety of fine amenities on top of daily counseling from our team members that work to forge a personal relationship with you. We invite you to explore our substance use and mental health programs to propel your sobriety steadily into the long-term future.

Call Sober House Your Home

We take pride in upholding our values to create a safe and comfortable environment for you or your loved ones to achieve a sober life. As you navigate your recovery, you are surrounded by beautiful furnishings, outdoor features, and an environment that feels like home. The positive energy that we create at our sober houses encourages openness and determination throughout your substance use recovery journey. It also helps you focus on your specific wellness journey, short-term and long-term. To learn more about our recovery programs or to schedule a visit please call 203-635-7840.

Sober House as your home

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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