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Sober House, Fairfield CT

Sober House — Recovery Journey Starts Here

The Lighthouse sober houses, one for men and one for women. We serve people ranging from college age to middle age, a variety of substance abuse treatment programs through, clinical, holistic, and medical options. The Fairfield residents that choose our sober house are assigned their own team of specialists for their recovery process including a recovery coach, specialist, trainer, counselor, and other specialists. Our team of professionals works with our Fairfield clients during their residential stay at the sober house to ensure they are supported in their recovery, upon departure, and even during their outpatient programs. Our supportive team here is steadfast in their commitment to treating both males and females who suffer from substance abuse to help them through their personalized recovery. We strive for all of our residents to begin a substance-free life and to be able to enjoy the opportunities and rewards life has to offer.

Our team of professionals here at The Lighthouse takes tremendous pride in our modernized, one-of-a-kind philosophy we use to help our Fairfield clients focus wholeheartedly on treating and helping their drug or alcohol addiction. We treat underlying conditions that are proven to drive men and women to engage in substance abuse.

Trust in the Team here at The Lighthouse Sober House

Here at The Lighthouse, we set the standard high for our wonderful staff, effective treatment programs and options, and our luxurious residential homes. The location and layout here at our sober house are top-rated as well as our amazing, highly-skilled staff who are ready to provide treatment that our Fairfield clients are looking for.

When our Fairfield clients choose the luxury residences and accommodations that we offer here at the sober house, residents can find a variety of amenities as well as knowing they are supported and guided in their recovery by some of the absolute best professionals in the addiction and sobriety sector. Fairfield residents, both men, and women are fully and wholeheartedly supported by a personalized compassionate team of specialists who are here to support and encourage our clients to find recovery from substance-abuse. Men and women, between the ages of 30 and 50 will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience set by a highly skilled and motivated team of professionals.

Call Sober House Your Home

We take pride in upholding our values to create a safe and comfortable environment for all of our clients as they begin their road to recovery. This positive space is what sets the sober houses apart from others as it offers Fairfield Clients a luxurious and comfortable environment that you can call home. Our team creates an atmosphere that will help individuals to focus on their goals to achieve sobriety but also live in comfortable, luxurious surroundings. The team of specialists looks forward to helping you start your road to recovery. To learn more about the options and programs available or schedule a visit to our facilities give us a call at 203-635-7840. The Lighthouse is here to accommodate you into long-term, happy and healthy sobriety through our recovery services and programs.

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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