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Intervention Services

Intervention Services

If someone close to you is battling with substance abuse or a mental health illness, and it’s causing problems with close friends and family, professional intervention services may be necessary. Our compassionate interventionists understand how difficult it can be to want to help someone you care about but not know how to approach treatment without exacerbating the problem.

Choosing a professional intervention over arranging the conversation on your own simplifies the process for everyone involved. Professional interventionists provide the required experience to ensure safe and beneficial outcomes, from easing the stress of organization to conversation coaching to organizing therapy. Our interventionists are licensed clinicians with years of experience in a range of intervention techniques. They are here to collaborate with you to provide a productive and polite experience that prioritizes assisting your loved one.

Professional Interventions with The Lighthouse

The methodology and professional(s) allocated to your intervention are determined by the circumstances and presenting clinical issue(s), which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Process Addictions
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health disorders like depression or anxiety
  • Personality disorders

We’ll match you with an interventionist or treatment team that best suits your needs and the personality of your group. From putting the logistical pieces of an intervention in place to planning a care plan, our intervention team is here for you from beginning to end., Let’s take a look at what a sample intervention process may look like.

Sample Professional Intervention Process

While each intervention is tailored to the individual(s) involved, our clinical interventionists follow a set of guidelines to ensure success. Here’s an example of a professional intervention:

Step 1: Background Assessment – The Lighthouse team will begin by gathering important background information on the problem, such as records or statements from referral professions, clinical providers, employers, advisers, and members of the family/support team.

Step 2: Establishing Intervention Protocol – We may develop an initial proposal for the exact intervention protocol, including the type of intervention proposed (invitation vs. surprise), and who will be on the intervention team, once we have a complete understanding of the client’s circumstance.

Step 3: Preparatory Discussions with Affected Parties – This includes family members, friends, employers, and/or advisors in order to provide points of leverage and healthy boundaries in the event that the individual denies help.

Step 4: Identifying Treatment Services Offered – Choosing an appropriate facility for inpatient treatment, rehabilitation, or outpatient care, as well as figuring out how to get into that facility. Establishing follow-up procedures, regardless of the outcome of the intervention.

Step 5: Pre-Intervention Planning and Logistics – deciding who will engage in the intervention and how, who will be invited, and, if desired, providing help for creating an intervention letter.

Step 6: Intervention Rehearsal

Step 7: Intervention

Step 8: Follow-up Services – Transportation, family coaching, case management, and sober companion services are examples of such services.

Throughout the intervention process, our expert intervention teams are there for you. While an intervention can be a significant first step toward recovery, it’s crucial to realize that the person who is the subject of the intervention is not obligated to accept aid or change right away. We assist in planning for all possible outcomes and provide complete support with long-term services such as family, advisor, and employer assistance to all those who are affected by a person’s substance addiction or mental health issue symptoms.

Get Started With a Professional Intervention

If you suspect that someone close to you could benefit from an intervention or any of the services we offer, please contact us or
call +1 (203) 664-8246 right now to get started.

Lighthouse Recovery Residence

We acknowledge you want the best for your loved ones, leaving it difficult for you to find a facility to trust. Our trained professionals at the Lighthouse provide every client struggling, no matter their journey, with an array of unwavering support and discreet confidential services all while in the comfort of beautiful furnishings. We succor this challenging time with unmatched private facilities to direct your focus only on your beloved. These luxurious facilities, both men and womens, offer an affluent experience with our beautifully decorated homes accommodated with private amenities.

Given the wide variety of behavioral health programs and providers out there, it can be burdensome to choose what feels most appropriate and reputable. For that reason The Lighthouse originated the Recovery 365 coaching program to offer recovery for men, women and families in all stages of their journey while staying in one of our homes. Through a personalized plan, we will encompass your short and long term goals at a pace that builds confidence and self empowerment.

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We are ready to provide you exceptional support and guidance through your recovery journey with a beautiful home away from home. Call us today at +1 (203) 664-8246 to get started.

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