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Becoming Sober: NOT Drinking with the Yankees

A personal story by CEO & Founder, Trey Laird.

Yankees Win!

As I was watching the Yankees win and advance to the ALDS last night I was reminded of my lifelong identification as a Yankee fan.  As a kid, I’ll never forget the first time I arrived at “the stadium” and how mesmerized I was by the bright green grass, the smell of popcorn….and beer.

In my 20s and 30s, I went to a lot of games, the Yanks were rolling, winning titles, and making it look easy.  At this point, I was drinking at games regularly and then drinking before and afterward at the bars across River Avenue into the wee hours.  I drank with the guys I went to the game with and if they wanted to go home after, I drank with whoever was in the bar.

My alcoholism was ramping, quickly.

I was there at the Boone game. I was there when Kevin Brown punched the wall.  The more games I went to, the more I drank.

So, when I finally stopped drinking in 2008 I was VERY concerned about going back to the “new” stadium.  In fact, I got sober in July and didn’t go back until they opened the new stadium the following season. (The Yanks missed the playoffs in 2008 and I believe that was a little gift from my Higher Power who didn’t think I was ready to go back)

2009 was an epic season for the Bombers.  New members CC, Tex, and Swisher added to a strong returning cast of Jeter, Jorgie, and Arod.

My first trip back to the stadium in May 2009 I went with 3 other guys in recovery.

The second, third, and fourth trip back I did the same thing. Going to games with friends that I’d made through my recovery community was incredible.  We had a ton of fun, ate too much, cheered our team…and didn’t drink. Together. I had turned the biggest bar in the world (for me) into the same awe-inspiring venue that I experienced as a kid.

I probably went to 25 games that year as the Yanks rolled through the playoffs and to the World Series against Philly.  I was there the night that Matsui single-handedly lifted the team to their 27th title.  I didn’t drink.  It was like winning the World Series for my recovery.

For me, the idea of NOT drinking at a Yanks game or a concert or a Rangers game seemed impossible.  What I found, however, was by becoming sober with other buddies in my recovery community, it was not only possible but made the experience even more fun.

And don’t drink.

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