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Addiction Recovery Sober House, Stamford CT

Sober House – Start Your Recovery

Here at the Lighthouse, our men and women sober house facilities offer various services for substance treatment programs that include clinical, holistic, and medical options. When clients choose our sober house, they are assigned a personal recovery coach, specialist, trainer, counselor, and other specialists. Our professionals work alongside Stamford clients during their residence stay and continue to work with them upon departure and outpatients programs as well. The successful team of specialists here at the sober house is fully committed to treating Stamford men and women residents between the ages of 30 and 50 who suffer from substance abuse and guide them during the recovery process. We envision our Stamford patients to begin enjoying their lives substance-free and fill their life with happiness and healthy habits.

Our team of professionals here at The Lighthouse takes pride in our modern, one-of-a-kind philosophy that we use to guide our clients to focus on defeating their drug and alcohol addictions. The philosophy combats underlying conditions that are proven to drive individuals to abuse substances.

Trust in the Team at The Lighthouse Sober House

We keep our standards high here at the Lighthouse through our excellent team, luxury residential homes, and effective treatment programs and services. The location and layout here at the sober house are impressive and breathtaking while offering the top services from our professional and supportive team for a life-changing experience.

When choosing the luxury residences and accommodations that we offer here at The Lighthouse, our Stamford clients can enjoy various amenities and services. We want to bring our residents comfort and also place their trust in our staff to take care of them and help them through their recovery. Stamford residents, men, and women alike, will be surrounded by some of the absolute best in the addiction and sobriety sector that will encourage them to overcome their addiction to live a sober, happier, and healthier lifestyle. Our residents, many between the ages of 30 and 50, can enjoy everything the Lighthouse offers from luxury accommodations and the top-of-the-line care from our highly trained team of specialists. The staff is ready to welcome you and provide guidance for you during your stay here at the sober house.

‘Home’ is Where the Heart Is

Here at the Lighthouse, our goal is to provide our residents with upbeat energy to keep our residents feeling comfortable and positively change their lives. Our professionals treat both males and females and work with them to make our residents have a sense of ‘home.’ We create a welcoming environment so that patients can focus on themselves and their goals for their recovery journey. Stamford clients will overcome their addictions in an environment that feels like home through our specialized treatment programs for substance abuse. Learn more about the Lighthouse sober house by giving us a call at 203-635-7840 and speak to one of our professional specialists. We take pride in knowing that our programs help Stamford people every day to overcome their struggle with addiction and attain the ultimate goal of sobriety to fulfill our patients’ lives.

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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