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Addiction Recovery Sober House, New Canaan CT

The Lighthouse – The Road to Your Personal Addiction Recovery

Here at The Lighthouse, our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in our cutting-edge strategy and philosophy we use to help individuals in New Canaan to heal the many underlying components that result in their addiction. The most important part of sobriety, healing the underlying conditions, is critical since these conditions are what drive individuals to use and abuse alcohol and drugs. When individuals can be healed of their underlying components the goal of becoming sober and remaining sober is more realistic and incredibly beneficial to the overall health and well-being of our New Canaan clients.

Here at The Lighthouse, our program combines a variety of treatments including clinical, holistic, and medical options, in our efforts and commitment to set forth reliable and effective programs for our clients. When individuals come to The Lighthouse, they are assigned their personal psychologist, specialist, trainer, and counselor (both dependency and spiritual counselor) who will assist with not only their on-site care and programs but their outpatient care and treatment as well. The entire team assigned to each individual is steadfast in their commitment to helping suffering individuals along with every phase of their recovery journey. We want every one of our New Canaan patients to know and experience the many joys of life once they have been treated and their underlying conditions healed by and with the team here at The Lighthouse.

Trust in the Team here at The Lighthouse

Here at The Lighthouse, we have set the standard for our effective treatment programs and our luxury residential homes and settings. The grounds and layout here at The Lighthouse are beyond breathtaking and majestic. Though our surroundings are magnificent, it is our team of highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate doctors, counselors, therapists, trainers, and the likes that add that ultimate touch of class and excellence to our Center.

Those patients who find themselves here at our luxurious residences with all the top-of-the-line amenities we offer will find not only the comfort but the peace they need to work through their addiction and defeat the hold that every addiction has on their lives. Our New Canaan patients can finally have peace of heart knowing that they have put their trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in addiction treatments and healing options. Every day you are surrounded by individuals and Lighthouse team members who are committed to helping you break free from your addiction and want to share in your dream of sobriety and your new life going forward.

The Lighthouse offers truly luxurious living arrangements and a diverse lineup of specialized services that help every patient reach their sobriety goals, experience personal growth, and enjoy healthy and fun-filled interactions with others here at The Lighthouse. Men and women alike can enjoy the luxury, the comfort, and the successful programs and treatments as well as the confidence and peace of heart our team and center offer.

‘Home’ is Where the Heart Is

Individuals can witness firsthand the positivity that is set forth by our professionals and our residents, the same positivity that makes our center ‘home’ to so many. Our warm, comfortable, and very homelike environment is truly beneficial to the long-term health and well-being of all our New Canaan clients and to their ability to achieve their ultimate goals for sobriety. The luxurious furnishings and settings, as well as the positive energy reflected in our staff and our programs, contributes to the attainment of our clients’ sobriety goals and pathways to their success. For more information about our luxurious, homelike residences, and our top-rated sobriety treatments and programs sure to help you on your personal journey to an addiction free life, reach out to one of our professionals today at 203-635-7840.

 To learn more about our programs and residences be sure to contact a staff member today.

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