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Addiction Recovery Sober House, Darien CT

Trust The Lighthouse for Your Addiction Recovery

Let Us Help with Your Addiction Recovery

Here at The Lighthouse, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals understands full well the challenges that individuals have when faced with addiction recovery. Our team of dedicated addiction specialists is committed to helping all our Darien clients, many of whom are men and women between the ages of 30 and 50, face their addiction problems and, over time, achieve their long-term sobriety goals.

Our cutting-edge strategy and philosophy is an effective approach to helping residents along their journey to sobriety. Our team focuses on providing personalized clinical care and treatment to clients to assist clients accept and understand their addiction and the treatment solutions available to them. Our team is steadfast in identifying the addiction disease’s signs, symptoms and encouraging appropriate clinical programs specific to our Darien clients’ individual needs.

When our team of specialists has a clear understanding of an individual’s personal parameters, we can provide an effective treatment and rehab process to aid in their successful addiction recovery. Once we begin the process, our team will set appropriate goals for our clients to help them strive toward achieving their own recovery goals and moving closer to a more appealing lifestyle.

We Are Here to Help

Our doctors, specialists, and coaches work closely with all our Darien clients and their families and assist with all their decision-making when it comes to putting an effective treatment plan in place. We want to ensure that we consider a client’s medical history, family history, and long-term goals when designing an addiction recovery treatment plan specific to their personal needs. In addition, we want to ensure that the treatment plans we prescribe will, over time, lead to a much better quality of life for our clients.

Our Luxury Settings Are A Plus

In addition to our top-rated team of addiction recovery specialists and our highly effective, patient approach treatment plans, the luxury settings we offer here at the Lighthouse play a significant role in the overall success our residents experience. Our male and female clients’ surroundings provide comfort, a perfect touch of class, the confidence and peace of mind they need knowing that they are surrounded by luxurious settings and a genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate team. Certainly, a perfect formula for success!

Here at The Lighthouse, our team is steadfast in our commitment to make a difference in the lives of all our young male and female Darien clients who fall within the 30 to 50 age group. We are confident that clients will find our addiction recovery programs, teams, and settings perfect for helping them on their journey to success. We strive to help clients achieve their ultimate recovery goals and to be able to enjoy a newly discovered life of sobriety filled with all the happiness life has to offer. We are here to support our Darien clients as they travel along their journey and help them lay the foundation for their successful recovery through a shared fellowship, luxury surroundings, and personalized treatment options that meet each client’s individual needs.

Your Personal Team

Here at The Lighthouse, our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to meet your every need in combatting your addiction and experiencing addiction recovery over time. Recovery is sure to lead to a life filled with so many rewarding moments to share with family and friends. Addiction recovery will set the stage for our Darien clients to develop a true appreciation for what life is all about without the challenging presence of substance abuse and addiction. For more information about our luxury center, our dedicated team, and our personalized addiction programs, schedule a consultation with one of our staff today.

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