The Lighthouse Sober Living’s mission is to empower clients struggling with a range of issues to transition from an uninspiring, toxic existence to a healthy, sustainable life that exceeds their every expectation.


During the early stages of recovery, maintaining proper nutrition becomes hugely important. As clients learn to live without the substances that had dominated their physical and emotional needs for so long, unhealthy eating habits can often emerge as a new coping mechanism


Our trained recovery experts are adept at handling the most volatile of situations, and ensure safe transport for our clients, regardless of their circumstances and destination

Business Trips

Escorting individuals traveling to and from residential treatment programs to your place of business will be available. Our door-to-door service insures the residents’ welfare, having them arrive securely at their destination.

Sober Coaching

Statistics show that additional support means a better chance at successful long-term recovery. Our coaching program provides that support through first-rate, extensively trained coaches.

Transitional Coaching

We provide extra support to clients who need a higher level of care – immediately. This dedicated attention can often be what gets clients through particularly challenging times and back on the path to recovery right from the start


We have traveled the country to forge strong connections with the best clinicians, specialists, and treatment programs available so that we can provide our clients with the most effective team for their individual recovery needs.