The Lighthouse is a handful of premier residential facilities for male executives and professionals who are transitioning from addiction treatment into a life of sober living. Our homes provide superior accommodations and amenities. The Lighthouse is operated and supervised by men with long-term sobriety. We are committed to maintaining a safe, peaceful environment that allows our residents to focus on gaining traction with recovery and implementing tools recently acquired from in-patient treatment.

The founders of Lighthouse have extensive backgrounds in the business and mental health arena. We all have extensive personal experience in recovery. Our supervisory and support staff has been chosen based on their consistent commitment to guiding and supporting newcomers into sobriety. Our mission is to maintain a discrete, private environment that is focused on minimizing

distractions so our residents can focus on recovery. Our staff is a fellowship of men committed to keeping our clients on the pathway to a new lifestyle. Abundant encouragement and support are essential in early sobriety and are part of what make Lighthouse a premier transition residence. In short, we embrace and support an infectious enthusiasm for recovery.

The Lighthouse is committed to helping its clients back into a life of responsibility and accountability. Structure and order are essential to fostering an environment that values mutual respect and personal space. All residents and staff must agree to regular drug testing to safeguard the group and discourage relapse. We are determined to provide consistent delivery of services that provide for most of our clients personal needs, which allows the men adequate time to devote to building a foundation for recovery.

Building a network with other men in recovery is a powerful tool to maintain sobriety. The Lighthouse is extensively connected to the Fairfield County recovery community. Regular visits to the house from sober executives and professionals provide an opportunity for newly sober men to see and hear from men who have transitioned to a successful sober lifestyle. Residents will be provided daily transportation to recovery meetings.

Whether it’s during transportation to meetings or during meals and down time, our residents benefit from the interaction with staff and fellow residents.

In our effort to provide clients with every opportunity to maintain and enhance the quality of their recovery, we offer access to clinical counseling, family intervention, exercise trainers, sober companions, nutritional support.

We work with residents to tailor an individual plan of recovery, which will enhance the client’s transition to a productive, fully sober life.