15 Nov 2016

The Lighthouse has been a critical component to my recovery and it’s all about their approach, plan and execution. “What’s your day count? How many meetings today? Did you get any new AA member numbers? 90 in 90. Put your recovery first. Find a sponsor. ” The constant attention to working the program creates personal accountability and focus. The mandatory mobile breathalyzer had me tested at 7am, 5pm and 10pm every day. This was my insurance while helping me celebrate the small wins. Hours turned into days and days turned into months. This was a key component of the program. The fellowship at the house reinforced the fact that “I was not alone in this” and I could continue to lean on my peers for support. The house guests were also very relevant to me too – professional executives with a focus on work and families. We had fellowship dinners 3x a week with a Sunday meeting starting with some step work and a “check-up from your neck up” where we got to share our successes, our growth and voice any issues we were facing. There we also laid out our plans for meetings the next week and it really helped me get connected to AA meetings in NYC, CT and LI by simply hearing about them – who is going to what, where and when. They also host family barbecues so the children know that Daddy is safe and the wives understand that other families are affected by this disease as well. Lastly, this is probably the only time I’ll ever live in an 8800 square foot mansion on 4 acres in Darien, with a personal chef 3 – 4x a week and only 5 minutes from the train with personal drivers when I need them. Yes, I’m spoiled right now… but on to my new home this Sunday after an amazing 3 months at The Lighthouse.